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​Johnson Metalsmithing LLC

​​​Anyang USA Power Hammer  Since 1956

https://www.facebook.com/MontanaHammerKnives/ ​If you are a knife maker and looking for inspiration, check out Lincoln Holt's work on his facebook page.  A very talented blade smith out of Havre Montana. 

http://www.arcironcreations.com/​ Andrew Chambers, Buffalo NY.  Owns an Anyang 165.  Check out is beautiful work on his website.

http://www.ironstudioltd.com/ ​Warren Holzman, Philadelphia PA.  Does some great work on his Anyang 165

​Kevin Stanford is a Blacksmtih/Artist out of Eldorado TX.  Vary talented.  The Blacksmith's Pub did a podcast with Kevin.  He talks able how he uses his Anyang 120 lb. hammer in his work.  http://theblacksmithspub.com/chasing-ideas-and-making-weird-objects-with-kevin-stanford

Matt Myers with his new 88 HS.  "We just fired up our Anyang 88HS hammer and wanted to thank James on his help and info and input on this purchase we also purchased a 33 from him last spring and we are extremely happy with it, the power and control of these hammers is amazing I'm so glad that I went with these Anyang self contained hammer and any questions I've had James was quick and helpful in his response."

David Mooneyham won the Forged in Fire Season 3 episode 13 competition and used a part of the winnings to purchase an Anyang 33.  Watch this show to see David and his incredible work.  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x59o262_forged-in-fire-season-3-episode-13-s03e13-cavalry-saber-2017-tv-series_tv

​Harry Harkins is a knife maker in Southern Oklahoma.  He uses the 33 HS hammer in his production work.  Harry was a contestant on Forged in Fire Season 2 episode 1.  Check out his website.  http://harkinsblades.com/

http://jasonmorrissey.com/ Jason Morrissey owns a 165HS hammer.  Loves the power and control it gives him.  Jason makes some of the most intriguing patterns in Damascus I have ever seen.  Check out his website​Jason was also on Forged in Fire Season 1 episode 8. 

​"We are nearing the end of a year long forge job, and the 165 has been an asset during this project.  It is not uncommon for the hammer to run 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, without any sign of major wear or slowing down.   It has the power to handle larger stock, as well as the finesse needed for more delicate forgings.   The Anyang 165 is becoming the go-to hammer for  our crew."  Joseph Jenner  http://www.wiemannironworks.com/