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​​Anyang USA Power Hammer and Hydraulic Press  ​Since 1956

Anyang USA Pneumatic Power Hammers and Hydraulic Presses


​​​Power Hammers

​Anyang self-contained power hammers are designed for heavy industrial forging.  They provide both extreme hard hitting power with complete control of the hitting force without the need for machine adjustment.  The cast iron frame provides the rigidity and mass required for both long life and efficient forging.  The precision machining combined with the "over engineered" design will give many decades of reliable and efficient forging.  Compare the built in quality, design, functionality and cost... I believe that you will  see that Anyang provides one of the best "values" in the forging industry.  Anyang hammers have the longest warranty in the industry.  Anyang gives a lifetime warranty on the frame, five year on wearing parts, and one year on electrical components.

​Hydraulic Presses

​Anyang has been a leader in manufacturing large scale industrial hydraulic presses since 1956.  In 2017, Anyang has utilized their knowledge about hydraulics and precision machining to build an affordable yet feature rich and rigid hydraulic press for the small manufacturer, blacksmith, and blade smith.