​ Central Texas Blacksmith organization

Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing organizations and other resources.  The Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America​ Blacksmith Association of Missouri  ​If you are looking for a propane forge, check this out.  I use Chile Forges.  Northwest Blacksmith Association  ​Find bladesmith schools, great resource site for bladesmiths. 

​​  Asociation for ornamental iron workers  Victoria Patti podcasts.  Great information for blacksmiths Central Oregon Metal Artists Guild  Museum dedicated to the advancement of metal art.  Located in Memphis TN  ​Houston TX blacksmith organization  British Blacksmith Association

​​​Anyang USA Power Hammer  Since 1956 ​Oklahoma Blacksmith organization ​California Blacksmith organization

James R. Johnson ** ** 940 6274529 ** 2955 CR 1370 Alvord, TX 76225

​Johnson Metalsmithing LLC ​Brent Bailey makes hammers for blacksmiths and has a great book on how to make hammers.