Northwest Blacksmith Association  ​Find bladesmith schools, great resource site for bladesmiths.  Victoria Patti podcasts.  Great information for blacksmiths  Museum dedicated to the advancement of metal art.  Located in Memphis TN  British Blacksmith Association

James R. Johnson ** ** 940 6274529 ** 2955 CR 1370 Alvord, TX 76225  The Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America​ Blacksmith Association of Missouri ​Oklahoma Blacksmith organization ​Brent Bailey makes hammers for blacksmiths and has a great book on how to make hammers. ​California Blacksmith organization  ​If you are looking for a propane forge, check this out.  I use Chile Forges. 

​​  Asociation for ornamental iron workers Central Oregon Metal Artists Guild  ​Houston TX blacksmith organization

​​​Anyang USA Power Hammer  Since 1956

Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing organizations and other resources. ​ Central Texas Blacksmith organization