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Financing Options

​​Purchasing forging equipment can be a major decision.  With the productivity increases that this equipment can bring to an individual or company or the potential to significantly grow sales, many times it makes sense to borrow the money rather than saving before making the purchase.  There are many options that should be considered.

Many times your local bank is your best option for financing.  I always encourage you to talk to your local banker about your financial needs.  


There are also equipment finance companies that will work with business owners or individuals to provide the required capital.  Below are links to finance companies that Anyang owners have used in the past.  Feedback I have received was that the process was relatively fast and easy.  

Direct Capital financing application:  http://johnsonmetalsmithing.directcapital.com/

Direct Capital contact: Nicholas Green  (603) 501-1167  www.DirectCapital.com

Geneva Capital financing application:  https://www.gogc.com/

​Geneva Capital contact: David Boike (320) 759-3572