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​Electrical troubleshooting

​I have to start with a disclaimer... I am not an electrician and hesitate to give advice on electrical problems.  But, I have seen several common problems that occur that someone with basic skills can trouble shoot:

​​1.  If you are running power over distance, make sure that you have heavy enough gauge wire.  Longer runs will require larger wire to avoid voltage loss.  Consult your electrician for proper size wiring. Breakers and wires should be sized for 125% of the motor amperage.  In other words, if your motor's name plate is 25, then 125% of 25 would be 31.25 so the breaker should be at least 35 amps.  Here is a link to a site that will help you determine the correct wire size:  http://www.paigewire.com/pumpWireCalc.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1   Too small of wire will cause a voltage drop at the motor and cause it to draw more amps.  That can lead to pre-mature motor failure.  The most frequent electrical problem we have seen is "voltage drop" or not providing enough voltage to the motor.  

​2.  Make sure that you have the proper size breaker in your breaker box.  Too small of a breaker will cause it to trip.  Again, it should be sized for 125% of the motor amperage (on a dedicated circuit).  Consult your electrician. 

​3.  With a tester, if you have 240 single phase power, make sure that you have 120V between each hot line and the ground and 240V between the two hot legs.  Measure this at on the input side of the switch.  If you do not have 240V between the two hot legs, go back to your breaker box and make sure the two hot legs are installed correctly. 

​4.  With a tester, make sure that you have 120V between each hot leg and the ground on the output side of the switch.  If each leg has 120V coming in and 120V coming out, the switch is good.  If you do not have 120 on each hot leg on the output side of the switch, then you probably have a bad switch. 

​5.  If you have 3 phase power to your shop, make sure that you are getting true 3 phase power to the switch and from the switch to the motor.  We have seen several times where the motor would "hum" on startup and it was caused by one of the 3 phase legs not being hooked up correctly. 

​6,  The switches have been reliable.  Having said that, the switches are not meant to be constantly turned off and on (jogging the motor).  That will cause premature failure. 

7.  If you  are using a rotary phase converter or VFD, make sure it is properly sized for the application.  Not all rotary phase converters are the same.  Typically, converter companies recommend a converter with 3 times the single phase motor size.  In other words, if you have a 10 hp three phase motor and only have single phase power, they recommend a 30 hp converter.  American Rotary has advanced startup electronics where we know the ADX20 will start a 10 HP WEG 3 phase motor or the 50T press motor.  We also know that some of the other brand phase converters will struggle on startup.  With a rotary converter you can power other 3 phase equipment at the same time.  If you are planning on dong that, we recommend increasing the size of the converter so you will have enough power to run all of your 3 phase equipment.  If you have questions, we recommend calling American Rotary at 1-888-7436832.  

​Both the WEG single phase motors and the factory supplied 3 phase motors have been extremely reliable and failures have been almost zero.  Most issues have been traced back to not supplying the correct voltage or amperage to the motor.