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​About Anyang USA

​​​​​Prior to becoming the exclusive Anyang distributor for North America, I was a fabricator/blacksmith/artist.

Buying a power hammer immediately changed my business, probably more than any other single piece of equipment.   It allowed me to work all day without being exhausted and in pain.  It saved me hundreds of dollars per week in gas and coal.  But more importantly, it opened new doors for my business.   I was able to forge multiple parts and larger components faster.  I could take on forging jobs that I simply couldn’t do by hand.    

Buying a power hammer is a big investment. It can be an intimidating process with all the different sizes and types of power hammers available.  Before you make a decision to purchase a power hammer, talk to many different people, and if possible operate the different hammers.  There is a huge difference between self contained, utility air, and mechanical hammers, in the following areas:  hitting power, controllability, long term operating expense and maintenance cost.  There are some hammers with larger "ram weight" yet do not have the same forging power of a self contained hammer.  Certain hammers might have a lower initial cost but the long term operating cost is much higher than the self contained design.  I realize it is not always possible to try the hammer before buying it.  I have a video library showing the capabilities of various size hammers.  If you have the opportunity, visit my shop.  It is just north of Fort Worth TX.  I have most the hammer sizes set up for customers to test. 

My business is based on several basic principles:

1. Provide the best possible customer service.  Support any Anyang customer. 

2.  Know the product, be an expert on the product you sell.

3.  Have inventory of hammers, dies, and spare parts.

​4.  Provide a great product at a reasonable price. 

​5.  Expand by understanding the needs of the blacksmith and bladesmith and work with Anyang to bring the best value (affordable and quality) to the customer. 

6.  Continue to look for ways to improve.  Working with the factory and other distributors, we have made many changes.  Some were minor but important, like XY anvil/die alignment, new oiling system, relocating grease zerks for easier maintenance, fork inserts for the base, etc.  Most recently, we totally redesigned the hammers and introduced the new HS series where the key/die does not retract into the cylinder, heavier casting, and a deeper throat.  We continue to search for ways to improve the product. 

Customers range from the blacksmith or bladesmith, to some of the larger ornamental iron companies in the USA.  We have placed hammers with 
companies like Owens Corning and GE, as well as Universities like MIT, Univ. of Colorado, Univ. of Memphis, Austin College, College of Building Arts in Charleston,  and many others. 

​​Anyang USA Power Hammer and Hydraulic Press  ​Since 1956