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Please be warned. Using these products can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious bodily harm.

You as the purchaser of the product are acknowledging the risks involved and accept full responsibility for injury and damages related to its purchase and use. You are therefore releasing our company, employees, and representatives from any and all liability related to its use.

Do not under any circumstances operate the equipment without training, eye, ear, and body protection.  Do not make modifications to the equipment. 

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​​Anyang USA Power Hammer and Hydraulic Press  ​Since 1956

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​About Anyang Forging Press Company 

Anyang Forging Press is one of the largest manufacturers of both open and closed forging systems in the world.  They make a complete line of pneumatic power hammers, CNC hydraulic die forging hammers, electro-hydraulic die forging hammers, hydraulic forging presses, manipulators, key drivers, briquette presses, baling presses for scrap metal recycling, and hydraulic riveting equipment.  Anyang can provide automated and robotic forging systems for high-speed manufacturing processes for the forging industry.  Check out the videos below for examples of how Anyang can improve forging productivity.    

Anyang Forging Press was established in 1956.  In 2010, they moved to their new factory and headquarters on an 80-acre facility in Anyang, Henan Province, China.  There are over 1000 employees at Anyang using the latest 3D cad/cam software and CNC machining centers.  Anyang has small and large part machining centers, forging shops, as well as heat treatment facilities.  

Anyang realizes that the quality and interchangeability of parts are critical to their customers.  They have a focus on quality control and tight machine tolerances.  Anyang machines are a critical component of their customer's business and are designed to work in 24/7 operations.  A full stock of replacement parts are always available. forging knife making blacksmithing

Anyang has sold its machines to over 60 countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Burma, India, Pakistan, Egypt, South Africa, etc.