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Please be warned. Using these products can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious bodily harm.

You as the purchaser of the product are acknowledging the risks involved and accept full responsibility for injury and damages related to its purchase and use. You are therefore releasing our company, employees, and representatives from any and all liability related to its use.

Do not under any circumstances operate the equipment without training, eye, ear, and body protection.  Do not make modifications to the equipment. 

Power Hammer and Press Prices are subject to change 


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Shipping your hammer

There are several shipping options:

1.   You can pick the hammer up at my shop.  I have overhead cranes and a large forklift available for loading.  We are just north of Fort Worth Texas.

2.   You can arrange for your own shipping company to pick up and deliver your hammer.

3.   I work with several large transportation companies and can get very competitive quotes.

The hammer is on a channel iron pallet and is in an angle iron/plywood crate.  If you chose to use one of my carriers, there are several requirements:

1.    It does require a forklift on site to extract the hammer from the trailer.

2.   The delivery will be made with a large tractor/trailer so your facility must be able to handle the larger truck.

3.   They do expect someone available when they show up to unload the hammer.

4.   When the transportation company picks up the hammer, I am given a tracking number and an estimated delivery date.  This date is an estimate and the hammer can be delivered a day earlier or a day or two later depending on weather, lane capacity, and local scheduling.  The estimated delivery date is not a guaranteed delivery date.

5.   There is typically a residential delivery charge that can range from $150 to $300 depending on the carrier.  Many customers opt to pick up at the terminal if they do not have a forklift or are a residential delivery.  These are details that we work through before we schedule the delivery.