​Located between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.  Blade symposium in April ​Complete list of blacksmithing schools Penland School of Crafts in Penland NC ​Pratt Fine Art Center has a broad based curriculum including metal art.  They are located in Seattle WA.

​​​Anyang USA Power Hammer  Since 1956​ American College of Building Arts, Charleston SC​ John C Cambell Folk Art School​  Brasstown NC ​Casadia Center for Arts, Government Camp Oregon.  Blacksmithing classes ​Grant Haverstock is located in Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia offers from introductory to advanced courses on blacksmithing.  ​The Center for Metal Arts in Florida, NY

James R. Johnson ** ** 940 6274529 ** 2955 CR 1370 Alvord, TX 76225

​​ ​Introduction to Blacksmithing courses  Jasper Al.

Schools  ​Find bladesmith schools, great resource site for bladesmiths.  ​Van​​'s Blacksmithing is located in Hammond Ontario Canada.  They sell blacksmiting tools and supplies and also offer courses that range from basic tool making to Damascus and knifemaking.