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Please be warned. Using these products can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious bodily harm.

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Do not under any circumstances operate the equipment without training, eye, ear, and body protection.  Do not make modifications to the equipment. 

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​​Anyang USA Power Hammer and Hydraulic Press  ​Since 1956

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Press Cost:

25T  $10,450

50T $16,450

​​Anyang has been making hydraulic forging presses since 1956.  Sizes have ranged from 1000 Ton to 8000 Ton and are found in many automotive and industrial forging companies around the world.  In 2017, they made the decision to utilize their knowledge of presses and machining capability to make a series of presses aimed at the blacksmith, bladesmith, and the small industrial sector.  There are many features designed into this press that are not found in typical presses available today.  We currently offer both a 25 Ton (Metric) or 27.5 Ton (Imperial) and a 50 Ton model.    

Advantages of the Anyang press are:

•Quiet operation.

•Enclosed hydraulics, steel hydraulic lines, no rubber hoses to break or catch fire.  A safer press.

•Large “T” slotted upper and lower platens.  Most presses have small dies and platen tables, making it difficult to use tooling.   The 25T press "T" slotted platen table has 93 sq. inches of area.  The 50T has 170 sq. inches of area for tooling.  
•Up and downstroke proximity switches for faster, efficient forging. 

•Long 11.8” stroke.

•Side access for pressing longer pieces.
•Engineering and machining the guides is important.  The Anyang guide system is a scaled-down version of their 1000+ Ton industrial presses.  The 25T has 93 sq. inches of guide surface area.  The 50T has 143 sq. inches of surface area.  Large surface area, shimmable and replaceable wear strips make this press unique to the industry.  The guides are precision machined on large milling machines.  This high-quality machining is not available on other presses on the market.     

•Heavy duty H frame industrial design.  No deflection found in many "C" frame presses.   The extra-large, filtered oil reservoir for cooler and cleaner (long life) operation.

 One year warranty from AFP

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​​​​​Hydraulic Forging Press  ​​