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Please be warned. Using these products can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious bodily harm.

You as the purchaser of the product are acknowledging the risks involved and accept full responsibility for injury and damages related to its purchase and use. You are therefore releasing our company, employees, and representatives from any and all liability related to its use.

Do not under any circumstances operate the equipment without training, eye, ear, and body protection.  Do not make modifications to the equipment. 

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Basic Forging Safety Tips

Forging can be dangerous.  Before anybody operates forging machinery, make sure they are fully trained and have the proper safety attire.  

​1Properly maintain the hammer or press.  Make sure all nuts and bolts are tight,  Make sure you have proper lubrication.  

2.  On a press, if you have leaks, fix them.  Hydraulic oil is flammable.

3.  Make sure that any operator has proper training prior to using the machine.

4.  Wear proper eye protection.

5.  Use ear protection.

6.   Wear safety shoes and proper clothing.  

7.  Verify the dies are tight before forging.  

8.  Always have a clear path between the forge and the hammer and in the workspace around the hammer.         Eliminate tripping hazards.

9.  Use the proper size tongs for holding hot steel.

10.  Never allow bystanders to be close to the hammer when operating the hammer.  Make sure they also have proper safety equipment as hot sparks can fly.

11.  Keep hands clear of the moving parts.  

12.  Make sure the hammer is properly secured to the foundation.  

13.  Keep belt guard and other safety guards attached to the hammer or press.

14.  Know where the shut-off switches or valves are.

15.  Never "cold forge" or hit the dies together without steel at forging temperature between them.

16.  Try to hold the workpiece parallel with the die surface.  If the workpiece is at an angle, it can "kick up"         and hurt you.

17.  Hold the tongs to your side, not pointing into your stomach when forging.  

18.  Make sure your shop is properly ventilated.  

19.  Before you work on the power hammer or press, unplug it from the electrical socket to avoid                        inadvertent starting of the machine

20.  Above all else, use common sense.  Forging can be dangerous.